/ The Process

The essence of Asher Entertainment lives in the creative process. Every project detail is handled with care and intention. From the initial concept to the project close, we see every moment as an opportunity for magic.


Creating custom dance choreography is one of our specialties. We begin by defining a concept, idea, or theme to determine how the show is going to take form. We then build out the needs of each piece based on the number of dancers required, type of choreography being created, as well as the specific costuming and staging needs. All of these details are discussed in our creative direction and choreography consultations.


Once the concept is decided, we hold an audition to cast dancers. With over 500 elite professional dancers and performers in our repertoire, we narrow our selections down to the best options for each individual project.  After the dancers are cast, we hold multiple rehearsals to teach our customized choreography. Given that Asher is a team of professional choreographers, an integral part of our creation process takes place during the rehearsal period. Using the music as our script, we build the movement, the look, and the feel of the piece. We then clean the routine until it is performance ready and meets the Asher standard.


After all the preparation, finally comes showtime. On the day of each shoot, we hold an initial set walk through, and prepare for a final tech rehearsal. The Asher team is on site for every project, ensuring talent and clients are supported all the way through project close.